About ESD #46

esd46Harris County ESD 46 is the local government agency charged with providing fire protection and emergency medical services (EMS) to residents and businesses in the Atascocita, Texas area. ESD 46 currently owns 3 fire stations, 1 Administration and educational facility, and nearly 30 emergency response vehicles including fire trucks and ambulances. ESD 46 operates under the name  of Atascocita Fire Department to provide the day to day operations and responses for service. ESD 46 is a taxing entity with the majority of revenue coming from property taxes in the area it serves. Aside from property taxes, ESD 46 also receives revenue from sales tax in the small area of the district that is not part of the City of Houston’s Limited City Annexation District (in which the City of Houston receives sales tax revenues), and other various taxes. The ESD also offsets expenses through revenue generated from billing for Ambulance calls. Utilizing careful planning, good stewardship, and dedication to providing the funding necessary for state of the art equipment and training, ESD #46 was able to lower the ISO rating in Atascocita to a 3 (on a scale of 1-10; 1 represents superior protection, 10 fails to meet ISO’s minimum criteria.).  ESD #46/Atascocita Fire Department is one of only 5% of all fire departments in the United States to have obtained an ISO 3 or better rating.  As a direct result of the ISO 3 rating, Atascocita area residents and businesses were able to realize reduced insurance rates. ESD 46 is managed by 5 commissioners who are elected to serve 4 year terms.  Board Meetings are held once a month, with the date and agenda posted on this website and at the Headquarters building, and are open to the public. Minutes from the meetings are available on this website. Upcoming elections are posted on the website, and at the Headquarters building.